Transform, with CbJ, present Saudi Arabia’s first-ever Mastermind!**

Inspired by business heavyweights like Joe Polish, Dan Sullivan, Taki Moore, Cameron Herold, and more, Transform and CbJ have teamed up to offer innovative small and medium-sized business entrepreneurs the opportunity to collaborate, learn, and accelerate their business growth!

The Mastermind is an invite only group of like minded entrepreneurs who challenge one another to grow, support one another in accountability, and develop creative new ways to scale their own businesses. The Mastermind is the perfect place for small and medium-sized businesses to grow!

 The Mastermind offers opportunities for intimate networking, access to hundreds of hours of learning modules on scaling and optimizing your business, and members-only special events. We will have monthly calls, quarterly events, and a yearly Summit, The Signature Summit Event, to help you prep for your best years yet!

**Membership is not restricted to Saudi Arabia