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Transform Your Mind Signature Summit 2021

Transform Your Mind is a collaboration between Transform, Saudi Arabia’s premier boutique business consulting firm, and CbJ, a US-based Executive coaching business. We’ve chosen to target Saudi Arabia due to the generous and timely rollout of Vision 2030, a large component of which is Entrepreneurship. This prescient development of mentorship and investment in small and medium-sized business entrepreneurs has created an environment that is ripe for the kind of support only a Mastermind can offer. Transform Your Mind marries Transform’s passion to inspire innovation and create purpose-driven leadership with CbJ’s expertise on business optimization and productivity. The result is a Mastermind that will take your business to new levels of success. This incredible opportunity is for small and medium-sized business and business owners.


Marwan Aljahahi

Marwan is the Founder and CEO of Transform, a management and leadership consultancy serving corporations and government agencies to make transformation happen. His mission is to add value to others and serve people to discover what lies within, watching them develop and grow both personally and professionally. He is an executive coach and a facilitator for growth who thrives on leading change and transforming cultures.He was also a founding member and leadership value lead in the Values 20 group.

Joanna Strange

Joanna helps scale businesses by streamlining communication, developing transparent project management, and optimizing systems and processes. She provides support for C-Suite level start-up entrepreneurs. She is also a consultant for Praava Health, aiming to transform how healthcare is experienced and delivered. She is also a coaching partner with TransformSA and Less Doing.

Joanna has a background in theatre and film and continues to work those fields as a producer/director in her spare time.

Rakan AL Eidi

Rakan is the founder of Chaizer, a Power Bank Solution Company that aims to help people remain connected. he is also a Board Member in Oqal, a Group that links Saudi Entrepreneurs with Financiers and Investors,  Rakan was also a Venture partner in 500 Startups which is a venture capital firm on a mission to discover and back the world’s most talented entrepreneurs. He is highly experienced with a valuable portfolio in Start-ups and business development.

Mackenzie Sweeney

Mackenzie is the founder of MackMotion, a management consulting company working with individuals and companies to bridge the gap between innovation and implementation through process optimization and idea engineering. She was also the Director of Optimization in Less Doing where she helped entrepreneurs set up systems that empower their teams. Mackenzie is a productivity coach and business expert helping overwhelmed creators master productivity and capitalize on flow states. 

Greg Galle & Mike Burn

Greg is the Co-Founder and Re-Founder of Solve Next, a professional training, and coaching company that works on conquering the status quo and unlocking entrepreneurial potential with a system for what’s next through achieving strategic clarity and performance optimizations. Greg wrote the bestseller, Think Wrong: How to Conquer the Status Quo and Do Work That Matters. Greg has over 30 years of Experience thinking wrong about leadership, motivation, coaching, planning, and decision making. 
Mike is an author, entrepreneur, and co-founder of Solve Next. Recognizing that the way we are solving problems is broken, he built a first-of-a-kind cloud-based problem solving system that enables individuals and organizations to think wrong about their, their clients, or their clients’ clients hardest, most wicked problems—and produce unexpected, seemingly magical results.

Simon Bowen
Simon has been consulting to government, some of the world’s largest companies, Fortune 500s, SME’s, Startups, and Not-For-Profits for over 25 years as Founder and Developer of The Models Method. The Models Method is a system for thinking and influence, that changes organizations at the base level, allowing them to become the most intelligent, influential, and trusted organizations in their markets. 
Built on a framework of out-thinking, out-selling, and out-serving the competition, The Models Method gives business leaders a structured and deliberate methodology to position their organizations uniquely in the marketplace.
Naif AlQazlan

Naif is the Martech Principle Consultant at STC. He is a passionate marketer and an ex-engineer who is filling the gaps between business and technology by keeping with market trends to direct business into the best ROI opportunities. Naif is described by those around him as someone who has a rare gift in digital marketing and a deep understanding of social media.


Spencer Shaw

Spencer is the founder of, a podcast production company with millions of annual downloads. They’ve been featured in Forbes, MSN and other publications. Spencer has started and exited several businesses in the software, real estate, and internet industries. He is the host of the Business Growth podcast and is the co-host of The Prosperity podcast. He’s also an instructor on the Udemy platform leading over 9,000 eager entrepreneurs.

Shaun Hughston

Shaun is the Founder and Director of Agility Automation, providing technology consulting covering a spectrum of services from project management and planning all the way to research and analysis. Shaun has extensive experience in leadership roles spanning both public and private sectors as he offers innovative and creative solutions with a client-focused approach. He is also the General Manager in Beat Health, a human resource company that aims to radically change healthcare recruitment in Australia.

Ari Meisel

Ari is the best-selling author of The Art of Less Doing and The Replaceable Founder. He is a self-described Overwhelmologist whose insights into personal and professional productivity have earned him the title, “The Guru’s Guru.” He can be heard on the award-winning Less Doing Podcast, on international stages speaking to thought leaders and influencers, and for those who prefer the written word, Ari’s blog posts on Medium offer actionable advice for entrepreneurs seeking replaceability.

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